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Houghton Lane Yard

Scale - 4mm/ft. 00

Era - BR blue - 1970s/80s (occasionally BR green/black)

Number of operators - 1

Exhibition space required - 6ft(wide). X 5ft. - and space to barriers.

Additional requirements - exhibition organisers are asked to provide a 6ft. X 2ft. table

picture of Houghton Lane Yard

Blue class 08 shunter propels a short goods train past the modern industrial unit & the loading dock.

In 2010, having spent quite a number of years indulging the delights of N Gauge, Andrew decided to return to his roots , or more precisely OO Gauge, the scale in which he began his model railway career many years ago. The result is Houghton Lane Yard, a small, fictitious layout which follows his favourite theme of BR industrial shunting, and features a private siding serving a factory and warehouse, also a small goods/coal yard. The layout is based mainly in the BR blue period from roughly late 70s-early 80s, though by using BR green loco's it is possible to switch to an earlier BR era, while a couple of BR black tank loco's, including the rather quaintly-named 0-4-0 Pug , make the occasional nostalgic appearance. Houghton Lane Yard took about six months to build, and at 5ft. x 1ft. (including the removable fiddle yard cartridge), is rather compact and portable. The layout made its exhibition debut at the Perth Green MRE in March 2011.

green diesel
Green Diesel
moving wagons
Moving Wagons
coal depot
Coal Depot