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Cockburn's Port

  • Name of Layout - Cockburn's Port
  • Scale - 4mm/ft. 00
  • Era - 1960s/70s

  • Number of operators - 1
  • Exhibition space required - 6ft. X 5ft. - and space to barriers
  • Exhibition organisers are asked to provide a 6ft. X 2ft. table

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Andrew has always fancied building a layout which incorporated a canal and/or wharf, or at least part of a canal and/or wharf. So when he became aware of a boxfile canal/wharf layout kit from the Scalescenes downloadable range of kits, it seemed an ideal chance for him to fulfill his ambition. Asides from the canal/wharf, the layout also features three warehouse-type buildings, and it has been enhanced by the addition of a Wills yard crane, and small details such as harbour mooring bollards. Andrew also constructed a home-made two-track fiddle yard. The layout took the best part of three months to construct, is very compact, as the various structures pack away into the boxfile when not in use.