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Nutt and Bolton Mk.2

Scale - 4mm/ft. 00

Era - BR blue - 1970s/80s (occasionally BR green/black)

Number of operators - 1

Exhibition space required - 4ft(wide). X 5ft. - and space to barriers.

Additional requirements - exhibition organisers are asked to provide a 4ft. X 2ft. table

Andrew thought it would be an interesting project to make a 00 model based on one of his previous N Gauge layouts - the result is Nutt & Bolton Mk.2. Once again, the theme of industrial sidings is followed, with a previously modelled fictional manufacturer relying heavily on rail transport. The track plan, whilst not identical, is similar and squeezes operational interest into a small space. Buildings are similar in style and purpose to the original.

Nutt & Bolton thumbnail Nutt & Bolton thumbnail

BR blue 04 moves a fresh consignment of goods into the warehouse siding, while one of the workers busies himself with another consignment of crates, and the Coles mobile crane awaits its next turn of duty.

BR blue 08 takes some empty goods wagons back to the fiddle siding, While Dent's coal lorry passes overhead. The abandoned platelayers' Hut in the background is a reminder of a previous era of BR operations.

Nutt & Bolton thumbnail Nutt & Bolton thumbnail

A change of period now to the BR green era, and the class 04 moves some newly-arrived goods wagons into the goods siding. Meanwhile the class 08, having brought the wagons into the yard originally, takes a well earned breather/re-fill.

BR green class 04 again, which this time has just brought a loaded coal wagon into the coal depot.

Track Plan