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Penna Lane TMD Exhibition Layout

4mm:ft, OO, DCC Operation

Penna Lane

Penna Lane TMD is a servicing centre for locomotives and diesel multiple units.  Fuelling, day to day servicing, light overhauls and exams are routinely carried out to contract for the train operating companies and Network Rail within the main depot. Lay overs, crew change, stabling and training facilities are also provided.

At the rear of the layout is the Heritage Centre that represents the remnants of the railway works that once served the location.  These were the stimulus for the construction of the depot at the dawn of the diesel age, separating the then modern traction from the nearby steam engine shed. Steam power is still evident though, either as heritage attractions or visiting to be serviced during excursions.  A commuter station and transport hub is still thriving at this location with shoppers and travellers heading to and fro between the city centre and outer communities that are still served by either conventional diesel, third rail commuter, light rail or tram systems which all uniquely utilise shared facilities at this end of the line.

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Penna Lane 2

Penna Lane 4