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Pipers Yard

  • Name of Layout - Pipers Yard
  • Scale - 4mm/ft. 00
  • Era - 1960s/80s

    Number of operators - 1

    Exhibition space required - 6ft. X 5ft. - and space to barriers.

    Additional requirements - exhibition organisers are asked to provide a 6ft. X 2ft. table

    picture of Pipers Yard

    Piper‘s Yard is Andrew‘s 'micro' OO creation, following his favourite theme of industrial shunting in the BR era, this time purely the green/blue period of late 60‘s/early-late 70‘s.

    The layout is based around S. Piper, a manufacturer of rubber pipes/hoses for use within industry, and which relies mainly on rail transport for the import of raw materials and the distribution of finished products. The layout measures just 3‘ x 1‘ (4‘ x 1.5‘ including the removable fiddle cartridge), and asides from S. Pipers factory, a warehouse, small goods/coal yard and a variety of engines provide a fair bit of operational interest and potential in rather a small space.

    All of the buildings and other fittings are a mixture of scratch/kit-built, while an attempt has been made to create the sort of run-down scene so typical of many industrial areas around the country. Piper‘s Yard took about four months to build, and made its first public appearance at Locomotion‘s Model Motion event at Shildon in March 2015.

    Track Plan


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    pipers yard 2 pipers yard 2 pipers yard 2